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September 8, 2011   Posted by: Dale Underwood

Why are you wasting your blog?


I found this cartoon and immediately thought of the fun side of social media marketing, you know, the part that is enjoyable as long as you’re not trying to catch any customers.


Giving away valuable content can lead to the same result – lots of fish around the boat but nothing to eat.

If you utilize a blog as part of your social media marketing strategy then you may want to consider adding a call to action other than “sign up for our newsletter”. What you use for your offer depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Do you just want to establish yourself as a thought leader or are you trying to surface potential customers for your company?

For professional speakers and consultants, the goal of being a thought leader may mean that you have a simple offer like Work With Me leading to a contact page. You can build your business by reputation and referrals.

For those whose goal is B2B lead generation, however, may need to use stronger offers and calls to action to connect. But where do you place them and doesn’t that violate some of the non-selling rules of social media?

In Gary Vaynurchuk’s book “Crush It” he advocates trying to engage potential customers in 2 specific spots. Your primary website and your blog.

While most marketers understand the need for calls to action on their corporate site they often do not put offers on their blogs because of the perception that it should be a sales-free zone. This can be a costly mistake and short circuit all of the *fish* activity you are generating.

To prove the point we have one client that generates 60% of their leads via the offer and call to action on their blog.

If you goal is to catch fish, drop your hook where they gather for your great content….your blog.

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