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February 19, 2014   Posted by: Britty Wagner

Webinar with Paul McCord on Forget Referrals, Get High Value Direct Introductions



Paul McCord

Paul McCord

Most sellers think of a referral as the name and the phone number of someone their client pulled out of thin air and believes would be a good prospect for the seller.  Most of these “referrals” are worthless.

Rather than wasting time on weak referrals learn how to get strong, direct introductions from your clients to decision makers that you know are great prospects for you.

Key points:

  • Why traditional referral training doesn’t produce desired results
  • The four pillars of a successful referral
  • How to discover who your client knows that you know you want to be introduced to
  • How to generate direct introductions to your hand-picked prospects


Webinar is scheduled for February 20th, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST.

Register Now! Click Here.


More About Paul McCord:

Paul McCord has worked with companies and sales teams across the globe and is recognized as a thought leader in sales and sales management.

He has helped thousands of business to business sellers learn more effective and productive strategies to find and connect with high quality prospects.  His prospecting and client generation strategies are proven to help B2B sellers increase business while maintaining price integrity. Find out more about Paul by visiting: McCord and Associates


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