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Thermal Specialties

How a Window and Door Replacement Company Finds New Customers Using Its Website

How Thermal Specialties and Installation (TSI) Co. doubled their website lead generation results with EchoQuote™



  • Customer: Thermal Specialites (TSI), Adamstown, MD
  • Campaign Setup Time: One (1) Day
  • Industry: Replacement Windows/Doors
  • Products: Windows, Doors, Siding, Insulation
  • Average Monthly Leads: 20+
  • Project Price Range: $5,000 to $50,000+


Business Focus

Thermal Specialties and Installation (TSI) Co. offers Window and Door replacement services in the Maryland, DC and Virginia area.

Business Customer Capture Strategy

TSI uses a traditional combination of marketing processes like targeted advertising, “lead” sites (HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List) and their website to find new customers. TSI’s goal is to create interest and then engage prospective homeowners as early in their replacement project as possible. Our strategy was to use the need for budgetary pricing to capture early stage prospects from the tsicompany.com website.

Using Budget Curiosity to Engage Early and Drive Demos

sherpa_slide2_websiteCustomers typically begin planning window replacement projects months in advance. One key element of planning is gathering ballpark budgetary information (not specific pricing) as early as possible. Unfortunately, many prospects do their own research instead of contacting a company’s sales team.

In fact, according to the Marketing Sherpa B2B Buyer Study, serious prospects deem Budgetary Pricing as the #1 piece of information they need early in the planning process but can rarely find on their own. They resist contacting a sales person because they are not ready to buy.

Finding and Engaging Prospects Without Giving Away Pricing

TSI is very strict about disclosing their FINAL pricing for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, product options, size of deal, estimated labor costs and geographical location.

To ensure the fastest response possible, TSI configured EchoQuote™ in the “Auto Approval ” mode which meant the system would instantly send an “estimate” for inbound quote requests. To prevent from over- or under- pricing a job, the system was configured with non-committal “budgetary language” throughout the process so the customer knows that their final price will vary.


Once the prospective customer completes the quote request, the system generates a no-obligation, budgetary estimate (no firmed fixed pricing) and sends it to the potential customer’s supplied email address. The estimate and email were carefully designed (our secret sauce) to ensure it could not cause any conflict with future pricing. The sales team follows up quickly to begin the sales conversation and schedule an on-site estimate.



Approximately one month before the initial company launch, LeadLifter personnel consulted with TSI’s owner, Steve Plumley. LeadLifter personnel then:

  • Setup and configured the EchoQuote™ tool based on the current product set (approx. 1 day)
  • Provided a mock-up of recommended website enhancements (see below) to launch the EchoQuote™ tool
  • Coordinated with the Owner to design the lead flow and follow-up processes (1 hour)


Website enhancements

There was only 1 basic website enhancement made to tsicompany.com. We added a single “Get a Self-Service Quote” button in the sidebar as shown below:


Lead Count Results

The EchoQuote™ lead count results are as follows:

  • Average Monthly Leads: 20+
  • Project Price Range: $5,000 to $50,000+


TSI is a thriving home improvement company that serves a traditional market in new ways. By embracing modern internet marketing tactics like EchoQuote™ for lead generation, TSI continues to gain new customers.