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January 4, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

Stop! Where Is Your Call to Action?


Have you placed a ‘Stop Sign’ on your website? Without an appropriate Call to Action you are doing just that … stopping the flow of website traffic and inquiries from B2B sales leads.

After reviewing many B2B hi-tech company websites, I noticed there is no Call to Action or very little such as; small text instructing customers to contact them or requiring that you search the website for a ‘How To Buy’ or ‘Contact Us’ tab.

What Is A Call To Action?

First off, let’s review what a call to action is; something you want your website visitors to take immediate action on. What do you want visitors to ultimately do on your website? A call to action must also direct your website traffic with micro yeses. Without a call to action, website traffic hence potential customers may get frustrated and leave your website. The ultimate goal of directing website traffic is to convert them to sales leads.

Convert Website Traffic

To convert website traffic to B2B sales leads you want to give them directions to guide them through your website and readily have the ultimate call to action easily accessible. Would you invite a friend to dinner and not give them directions? Without a call to action you are doing just this. The overall goal is to make the flow of the website user friendly thus increasing B2B sales leads.

Call To Action No Nos;

1. Small Print

2. Placing Call to Action under tabs which are not easily found

3. Over populated sidebar with call to action being crammed and unnoticeable

4. Create buttons that blend in with the website scheme

5. Call to actions are null

Call To Action Musts;

1. Use Large Bold Print or Buttons

2. Place the ‘Self Service Quote’, ‘Get A Quote via Email’, ‘More Information’ or ‘Contact Us’ buttons on the Product Page specifically next to the product and towards the bottom

3. Call to Action in the sidebar giving it sufficient space from other sidebar items

4. When creating buttons for Call to Action invert color scheme for maximum visibility

5. Always have a call to action on the product page

Think of your Call to Action as your website’s ‘Bling’ aside from your product. It should stand out and attract some attention thus increasing B2B sales leads.