From $0 to $1 Billion Valuation in 18 months


SimpliVity is a technology company launched in the Spring of 2013 in a relatively new “hyper-converged” server/storage market. It’s hyper-converged products simplify IT management and improve performance of virtual applications. LeadLifter was brought in by the VP of Sales to assist with the lead capture/generation portion of the launch.

Project Profile

  • Industry: Technology
  • Client’s Products: Hyper-converged computing platforms (complex)
  • Client’s Product Price Range: $25,000 to $250,000+
  • Sales Model: Direct Sales Reps and Resellers
  • Campaign Setup Time: Two (2) Days

SimpliVity was new to the market and had plans to spend heavily on Marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their website. They needed to maximize the conversion rate on their site to capture as many early-stage leads as possible. There was also a large kick-off event planned for September of 2013 that would generate a lot of activity that they wanted to capture.


EchoQuote was added to the website as a “Self-Service Pricing” call-to-action. The product catalog was setup in about a day and the system went live in conjunction with their company launch. The Self-Service Pricing option was immediately effective and began driving 300+ high-quality visitors into the sales funnel per month.

Implementation Screenshot
0 to 300+
in Marketing Qualified Leads per Month

Within the first month of the EchoQuote implementation, SimpliVity lead generation using EchoQuote exploded. Lead capture grew from 0 to over 300 sales worthy leads in the first month. Monthly lead capture continued in the 300-400 range.

0 +
Average Monthly Leads
$ 0 Million
Monthly Sales Funnel
$ 0
Average Monthly Cost (Max)
  • Our sales reps are CLOSING 9% of the leads generated by EchoQuote; it is our top marketing campaign for leads that make it into the Sales Funnel.

    Meg White
    Meg White SimpliVity / Director of Demand Generation

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