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Our Service

We Turn Anonymous Website Visitors Into High-Quality Leads For Your Sales Team

The Anonymous Problem

New customers are out there — people who want and need the products and services you offer. How can LeadLifter’s services close the gap between you and your potential customers?

Some are closer than you think and may be on your website right this minute!

B2B Lead Generation depends on converting anonymous visitorsEvery day, prospective customers search for the things they want to buy. They find your company and even visit your website. And then they disappear.

It’s not your fault, it’s the lack of a strong call-to-action that compels visitors to engage.

According to MarketingSherpa*, Ballpark Pricing is what serious end-users are looking for early in their buying cycle, even more so than product information. It helps them better understand your products and services.

Think about your own experiences trying to understand what a company is selling.

Haven’t you been seriously interested in a product or service while researching it on the internet, but were unable to get a rough idea of how much it cost? You didn’t want to fill out a web request form and get a sales call. Wasn’t it frustrating? What did you do? Odds are you went out and searched for it yourself and didn’t contact the sales team. Those companies never found out you were interested. Are you losing customers for the same reason?

That’s the problem LeadLifter™ solves for your prospective customers without publishing your pricing.

Leverage the Desire for Budgetary Information

Serious prospects want budgetary information before they spend lots of time researching your solution. However, most companies refuse to provide any pricing information until they have contacted a prospect. This creates a “chicken or the egg” dilemma that the company ultimately loses. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Why not use the need for budgetary information as the incentive to exchange contact information with potential customers?

Don’t Give Pricing Information Away, Be Smart About It

With LeadLifter’s services, when an interested prospect is on your website, they will be compelled to ‘Request a Quote’ in seconds, even for complex solutions. They choose your items, enter their information and click “Get Quote”.

LeadLifter™ intelligence then takes over and routes the request to your sales team in real time. Your team quickly reviews the request, researches the prospect, and either approves or denies the request. If approved, the system sends the end user a pre-formatted “budgetary quote” via email and you immediately begin to build trust. The entire process can happen in seconds, while the prospect is still thinking about your company.

They have what they want and you have a new prospect!

You don’t have to worry about who made the request, we have numerous ways to filter anonymous and competitive email addresses. You’re in complete control.

Surprise Your Customers and Begin A New Era of Sales Conversation

LeadLifter builds trust while capturing leads for the complex saleThe intelligent and quick delivery of budgetary information will “wow” your prospects and instantly create trust. Your sales team can easily follow-up and begin a warm conversation about project requirements giving you the advantage of delivering your value proposition ahead of your competitors.

We open the conversation faster than any other lead generation method.

And it’s the conversation that leads to a sale.

Check out how leading technology companies are implementing the service on their websites. We’re sure you’ll agree LeadLifter™ is on to something. We’re changing the way B2B sales opportunities are created and shattering conventional wisdom at the same time.

Over 70,000 approved sales leads can’t be wrong!

There are two ways we provide our Lead Generation services; 1) our turnkey Lead Launch program that delivers soft-qualified leads directly to your sales team or, 2) EchoQuote only (your team handles all inbound requests).

What clients are saying

LeadLifter’s EchoQuote™ tool is the core of our business development efforts and is the primary reason we are in the top 5% of Dell/EqualLogic partners.
– T. Gonzales, Director of Sales

It’s the BEST conversation opener I’ve seen in the last 20 years of business. The value is amazing!
– K. Roller, VP Sales

* MarketingSherpa/Enquiro Study of 1000 B2B Buyers