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Capture sales worthy leads for one-tenth the cost of other lead generation campaigns

EchoQuote™ is a pay-per-lead marketing system that captures sales worthy leads directly from your website. We charge a flat rate for each captured lead that decreases as lead volume increases.

The service is provided on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract; cancel at any time. Getting started takes about one day and you will start capturing leads immediately.

EchoQuote™ Benefits:

  • Captures a steady stream of sales worthy leads directly from your website
  • Ties in sales to create lead ownership and accountability
  • Reduces sales team complaints about poor lead quality
  • Helps win more deals with less discounting

Pay-Per-Lead pricing decreases with volume as follows:

Captured Lead* Count Per Month Cost
First 100 leads captured $10-$50 each**
Leads 101+ captured $5-$25 each**

You can also set a monthly maximum charge to limit your marketing spend.
(The monthly maximum must be at least $250)

* Captured Lead – A captured lead is defined as a valid email address that is not blocked on the initial form screen. You can define domains to block (i.e., gmail, yahoo, etc.) and/or your competitors. Blocked email addresses are captured for your use but are not billed.

** Cost Per Lead – Cost Per Lead (CPL) varies based on the client’s industry, nature of the underlying products/services and the typical sale price. Our goal is to provide leads at one-tenth the cost but twice the quality and our results prove it.