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B2B Lead Generation Video 6: Federal Appliance (Dell / EqualLogic Reseller)

B2B lead generation example #2: IT VAR captures 100+ qualified EqualLogic leads per month using LeadLifter.com Created for B2B Complex Sales.


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Video Transcription

Okay here we are at Federal Appliance they have been a customer for about four years and there unique in that they are one of the top Dell / EqualLogic resellers in the country. They also use our LeadLifter product EchoQuote in two different places there corporate site and their blog.

Right now we’re at their corporate site and you can see they have calls to action everywhere for self-service pricing. Scroll down you’ll also see theres calls to action for pricing here and numerous locations.

This is a great place to implement the tool because a lot of users use these tables to find out the configurations there looking for then over to the right, right when they need it is a pricing button. So there’s no shortage of buttons throughout their site.

Now let’s go look at their blog. They’ve got a very productive blog site too. Notice once again they’ve got a call to action in the sidebar for pricing and if we go into the actual blog post what they’ve done is included a footer for every blog post for self-service pricing

So that’s how EqualLogic has or Dell EqualLogic reseller Federal Appliance has implemented EchoQuote and they capture about 100 opportunities per month.