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B2B Lead Generation Video 4: Exagrid Systems

B2B lead generation example #4: Discover how this IT manufacturer captures 90+ qualified leads per month using LeadLifter.com Specifically created for Complex Sales.



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Video Transcription

Welcome to Exagrid Systems!

The Exagrid Systems is a cost-effective and scalable disk backup solution that works with your existing backup application.

Exagrid combines high-quality SATA drives, compression and bi-level data de-duplication for fast and reliable backups and restores.

Exagrid began using EchoQuote in 2010 with one goal in mind find more end user opportunities for its sales force and partners.

Let’s check out their site and see how Exagrid implemented the EchoQuote tool.

Let’s look at the launch page first.

We call it the launch page because it contains the link that actually opens the EchoQuote self-service portal.

The launch page was originally Exagrid’s “contact us”. As you can see there now providing a self-service option using EchoQuote but also provides a full-service request option as well.

This gives web visitors a choice on how to engage.

Feeder buttons are spread throughout the site.

Generally close to product information.

All of these links go to the pricing launch page.

Exagrid even included a feeder link on its blog site, you can see it here.

Now it’s your turn! Do you think EchoQuote could help your organization find more qualified prospects like Exagrid?

If so you can try our keep the leads free trial.

Just drop us a line if you’re interested.

Thank you for discovering LeadLifter and our flagship service EchoQuote where our goal is simple “Fill your sales funnel”