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B2B Lead Generation Video 2: Texas Memory Systems

B2B Lead Generation Example #3 displays Before and After results of how IT Solid State array manufacturer captures 200+ qualified leads per month using LeadLifter.com



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Video Transcription

Would you like to increase qualified leads by 900%? Texas Memory Systems did!

And we’ll show you how in the next 2 minutes or so.

First let’s take a look at the numbers. Here is the before and here’s the after. Check out those results!

Here’s a look at their main like many technology companies they sell high-end solutions with a long sales cycle.

As we dig into specific product pages you’ll notice they have similar product links like most manufacturers.

Many even have a request quote link. This is important cause according to MarketingSherpa budgetary pricing is the number one piece of information that serious buyers are looking for early in the sales cycle but can’t find.

Having a way to easily request it means you will capture better sales leads.

Now back to Texas Memory Systems. You’ll see that TMS even has a pricing button in the main menu.

It gets a lot of hits. Let’s see where it goes. Here’s a common contact us form, serious prospects rarely fill these out.

But look TMS has added a unconventional tab for a self service quote.

And this is where EchoQuote comes in.

If you are like me you been frustrated trying to get basic pricing for products.

Your users are frustrated to.

This gives them an easy out without publishing your pricing.

Notice we’ve put some text in here that explains this is for planning and budgetary purposes only.

Users don’t care they just want to get an idea of how much the products cost with no hassle.

This link opens the EchoQuote page. In four easy steps a serious buyer can request a quote themselves.

Your sales team will be instantly notified and they control to approve it or not.

Pricing is never displayed.

Does this unconventional method really find new customers?

On average the self-service option captures 900% more qualified leads then the traditional form.

To find out how EchoQuote can put more sales opportunities into your sales funnel contact us or better yet get a quote for our services at LeadLifter.com