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B2B Lead Generation Video 1

LeadLifter Introduction Video: Boost B2B Sales Leads for complex sales. Description of how LeadLifter's lead generation solution works to capture your website visitors.


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Video transcription:

Welcome to LeadLifter!

New customers are out there. People who want and need your products and services. Some are closer than you think and may be on your website right this minute.

Every day you spend marketing dollars on a variety of activities hoping to drive customers to your website. Some of these activities work and guide people to your website but often they visit and then vanish without a trace. Even worse some end up on your competitors sites. To fix this abandonment problem you need an incentive, a strong incentive to stay and connect.

LeadLifter is that incentive.Like a powerful magnet, LeadLifter grabs serious prospects and connects them to your marketing and sales teams fast. Before the competition knows what hit them. You’ll even uncover sales opportunities that your competition is working on …Making it a double win!

To get started maximizing your marketing efforts we offer our LeadLaunch Program. Our LeadLaunch Program is a low cost, fixed price package guaranteed to capture high quality, sales ready leads quickly. The core of the program is EchoQuote, our software as a service lead capturing tool. We wrap EchoQuote with services to ensure each client gets maximum marketing value, pulls more customers from their website and delivers those leads to your marketing and sales teams … Fast!

Who uses LeadLifter?

LeadLifter is designed for B2B companies that want to see immediate and measurable results from their marketing efforts. We special in helping small to medium sized technology companies with fast, growth expectations. Our typical client has between 20 to 500 employees with annual revenue between $5 – $200 million.

Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about LeadLifter. If you want to see immediate and measurable results from their marketing efforts and deliver more high quality leads to your sales team than contact us and learn more about LeadLifter

LeadLifter … Maximize Your Marketing and Boost Your Sales Fast!