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Request for Quote Template : Basics of Request For Quote Forms

Basics for Request for Quote Templates to assist you in creating Request for Quote forms

Request for Quote Forms also known as RFQ forms are utilized in the business to business (B2B) complex sales arena as a B2B lead generation tool. RFQ forms have been used for over 10 years as an e-commerce solution to capture prospect information but as the business world changes so must the RFQ forms.

Request for quote forms are steadily being replaced by a Self-Service Pricing Solution to quickly capture pertinent information from prospects requesting pricing information. The self-service pricing solution speeds up the process by quickly notifying the sales team of the new quote request then simply allows the sales team to approve or deny the quote request. Once they approve the quote request, the self-service pricing solution then automatically sends the requester a personalized email with your customized quote. The self-service pricing tool is able to send this information based on your specifications for products and pricing plus email and quote form customization. The self-service pricing solution allows you to see your Return on Investment (ROI) in your back office. Marketing reports are readily available and easily customized to suit your needs.

The Self-Service Pricing Solution is not just another Request for Quote forms but a complete B2B marketing solution to quickly boost complex sales on day one. For further information on this Self-Service Pricing solution visit: LeadLifter.com

Basic fields for Request for Quote Forms. These fields may include any or all of the following;

- Name

- Company Name

- Position

- Email

- Phone Number

- Fax Number

- Address

- Annual Revenue

- Company Size

- Product Name and/or Number

- Contact Type

- Industry

- Time Frame

- Project Planned and Budgeted

There are possibly hundreds of variations when creating a request for quote template. These are just a few examples of RFQ forms seen in the B2B marketing realm.

Request for Quote Template 1

Request for Quote Template 2

Request for Quote Template 3

RFQ forms should be customized to each individualized B2B company to suit their needs.