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January 13, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

Request A Quote Form vs. Self-Service Quote Solution


Challenge Accepted! Business to Business (B2B) companies have utilized the ‘Request A Quote’ form as a B2B lead generation tool for well over 20 years to capture B2B sales leads with no new developments or challengers until now.

The Reigning Champion: Request A Quote Form

The reigning champion with over 20 years of B2B lead generation, the Request A Quote form. This form works well for B2B companies but exhibits one major flaw… the form requires a large amount of information to be completed by the customer. These forms deter potential customers from completing and submitting the forms thus losing B2B sales leads. My question to you is: How many times have you exited a website due to this ‘Request A Quote’ form? Probably more times than you can count … we’ve all done it. This action alone screams a change is needed.

The Challenger: LeadLifter’s EchoQuote, a B2B Lead Generation Solution

EchoQuote is a Self-Service Quote solution utilized as a B2B lead generation system for technology companies and those offering complex products. EchoQuote has proven to increase B2B sales leads by over 250% from day one. EchoQuote encourages your customers to request a Self-Service Quote by requesting minimal information but enough for you to qualify them as a qualified sales lead. The Self-Service Quote solution is flawlessly incorporated into your website and quickly captures and converts B2B sales leads. EchoQuote offers a back-end office for users to maintain, analyze sales and ROI with printable reports.

Let The Battle Begin

Watch this video to see who the Winner Is…

With a one punch KO the Winner Is: LeadLifter’s EchoQuote Solution

Secondary resources show: The Psychology of Automated Price Quotes Can Boost Sales Leads 250% to 300%

Accept The Challenge!

Increase B2B sales leads with EchoQuote’s B2B lead generation solution by Requesting a Self Service Quote Now and ask about our Keep the Leads Free Trial!  …  Keep the Leads Free Trial!      …  Keep the Leads Free Trial!

Was there an Echo?


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