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Plans and Pricing

Capture high-quality leads at a price you can afford

EchoQuote™ is a cost-per-lead (CPL)* marketing program that generates fantastic results. We offer two different plans based on functionality. Both plans are month-to-month, may be cancelled at any time and allow unlimited users.

EchoQuote™ Basic provides automated lead generation for companies that want to find new customers by responding instantly to their estimate requests.

EchoQuote™ Plus includes everything in the Basic version but includes additional enterprise features for a small monthly base fee.

Feature EchoQuote Basic EchoQuote Plus
Most Popular
Visitor Restriction by Country
Email Filtering (eg. Block "hotmail" Addresses)
Custom Form Fields
Instant Estimate Delivery The Basic version of EchoQuote gives you the ability to generate and send the quote instantly back to the requester and carbon copy the sales team. It is designed for companies that do not necessarily need to approve every inbound request. The Price Range feature can be used in conjunction to avoid giving out fixed prices.
Non-committal "Price Range" Mode Instead of specifying a specific price for your items or services, you can set a low-high range to allow more sales flexibility.
Lead Monitor Report This is an Hourly, Daily or Weekly report delivered by email to your reps that gives them all of the lead activity in that period. It includes not only completed quotes requests that are pending (waiting for their approval), but also abandoned requests with partial lead information. Since an email address is always required to start the process, sales can follow-up and win additional business.
Manual Estimate Approval Option The manual approval option requires a member of your team to approve the request before the estimate is sent. It gives you the opportunity to research the prospect to determine if they qualify to receive an estimate. If approved, the system sends the estimate on the approver's behalf.
Intelligent Territory Routing Similar to the manual approval option, this requires a member of your team to approve the request before the estimate is sent. The difference is that the request can be routed to multiple sales team members based on their country or state territory assignment.
CRM/Marketing System Integration All leads captured can be pushed into virtually any CRM or Marketing Automation System including, but not limited to, Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot and even custom..
Custom Branded Interface
1 Hour of Consulting Services Per Month
Initial (one-time) Setup Fee $100 $100
Base Monthly Fee $0 $300
Cost Per Lead Is Industry Specific*
(decreases with volume)
As low as $10 As low as $10
Cost Per Lead decreases with volume:
As low as $10

* Cost Per Lead – A lead is defined as anyone who enters a valid email address that is not “blocked” by your personal rules. For example, if you decide to block “hotmail.com” addresses then you will not be charged for anyone that enters that address although you will still capture it for your own use. For details on the decreasing cost-per-lead structure, get a Quote via Email.


EchoQuote is the BEST sales conversation starter I've seen in the last 20 years of business. The value is amazing!
K. Roller
VP of Sales
Budgetary Pricing is the #1 item that serious prospects are looking for, but can't find, when researching high-end solutions. If you don't provide and easy way to get it, someone else will.
Stefan Tournquist