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February 17, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

Lead Generation Tactics for B2B Companies Part 1


Lead generation is a subject all companies face but for business to business (B2B) companies they may be facing a complex sales cycle making lead generation more challenging for B2B marketers. B2B companies involved in complex sales are given many tactics to maximize lead generation efforts which differs greatly from B2C companies. These strategies assist in pulling in leads on different levels of the sales cycle.

B2B lead generation tactics consist of a wide range of marketing efforts focused on driving website visitors to specific calls to actions. These calls to actions assist in capturing email addresses for email marketing efforts to self-service quote requests. The sales cycle for B2B companies is a long, lengthy process for sales teams. For B2B marketers these lead generation tactics assists in pulling website visitors towards capturing pertinent information.

Lead Generation Tactics for B2B Companies and B2B Marketers

1. White Papers: A white paper is a document that introduces a problem which the reader is looking to resolve. A white paper proposes a solution and makes a strong case as to why the solution is the best choose for resolving their problem. They may also introduce new concepts or how to resolve technical issues.

2. Price Papers: Unlike white papers, price papers have a very specific purpose; provide a strong offer to encourage conversion while providing the prospect with useful, budgetary pricing.

3. Case Studies: A documented study or a detailed account of a company or project over a given amount of time. A case study can consist of company objectives, strategies, challenges, results and more which reflects credibility .

4. Webinars or Webcasts: Known as a web-seminar. This is invaluable for B2B companies when presenting complex products or solutions.

5. Product Demo or Free Trial: Assists is pushing leads into the sales cycle.

6. Newsletters or Email Marketing: Presents product information, helpful articles, promotions … overall one of the best marketing tools for keeping your subscribers up to date.

7. Podcasts: A series of audio files and snippets to deliver product information or in establishing yourself as a thought leader.

8. Social Networks: More specifically for B2B marketers, LinkedIn is helpful in connecting with other business minded individuals and target companies. Twitter is another network not to be overlooked.

9. Blogging: Keeps your audience up to date with current updates about your company, product and resolutions for your customers.

10. Video Marketing: Videos produced to promote your product, solution or How To videos for resolving a customer’s problem.

11. Syndication: Such as RSS feeds, this helps to stream your content to subscribers as you publish.

12. Self-Service Quote Solution: Helps to streamline the sales process by quickly pulling leads from your website early in the sales cycle.

13. Request For Quote form

Leading in the B2B Content Marketing Arena are;

1. Archived Webinars

2. Blog Entries

3. Case Studies

4. Podcasts

5. Video Demos and Testimonials

6. White Papers

By utilizing a combination of these lead generation tactics it may increase your online exposure, reach, website engagements, inquiries and ultimately sales.

B2B Marketers: Subscribe to Stay Tuned as I discuss each tactic in this series in depth to better assist you in maximizing your marketing efforts.