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January 21, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

Key Components of a B2B Business Blog’s Marketing Strategy


Having a business blog is imperative for any marketing strategy regardless if you are a B2C or B2B business. However I will be focusing on B2B business blogs and some key components you must have in order to have a productive blog.

Good, Quality Content

Make it unique and personal … be impressionable. Adding a hint of humor is also a  great article marketing strategy to assist in making your blog stand out from the crowd. Be sure to write blog posts in an easy to understand language … layman’s terms. The world wide web is no place for verbosity. People are in a rush and want to quickly find what they are seeking without hassles. Publish a minimum of two blog posts weekly, if possible. This will keep clients and website visitors coming back. For B2B business blogs, article topics may consist of the following.

a.  How-to advice to assist and improve on specific tasks or problems which your website visitor or client is facing. Make it specific to your product or service. Such as; “How To Set Up Network Equipment in 10 Steps” or “Turn Leads Into Sales Opportunities Using a Red Zone Response Plan

b.  New products or services being offered

c.  Company updates

d.  New features added to your service or product

e.  “Welcome” or “Introduction” post on new clients or companies for example; “ZoomInfo Is Now Offering Self-Service Quotes”

Viral Attributes

Viral Attributes

Allowing clients and website visitors to easily subscribe to your B2B business blog or ‘Like’ your blog post with a click of a button is another must have for your blog’s marketing strategy. More specifically;

a. RSS Feed: Helps to syndicate your content over the web so subscribers can read your blog from Google Reader or other RSS readers. In addition, distribute your RSS feed to social networking sites, RSS directories and search engines to allow for further exposure and reach on the web. As you blog, it’s similar to throwing a pebble into a lake, it starts the ripple effect. With every new blog post, the bigger the ripple with every new subscriber.

b. Social Sharing Buttons: This marketing strategy is another way for your clients and website visitors to show you some love by sharing your blog post with friends and followers on social networks and or bookmarking sites.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

Yes, your B2B business blog should have a call-to-action just as your website should. A call-to-action is a marketing strategy that encourages your visitors to perform a specific action. A blog’s call-to-action is normally not the same as your website’s. Your blog’s call-to-action should be obvious, eye-catching and well-defined. Here’s a few ideas for your Call-to-Action;


a.  Sign up for our Newsletter

b.  Ask us a question

c.  Join us on LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook

d.  Request a demo

e.  Sign up for our free webinar

f.  Download our white paper

g.  Download our e-book

h.  Self-Service Pricing

Keep in mind that 80% of inbound traffic to B2B business blogs are new visitors. So make an impression and make it a good one to capture returning visitors.

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