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January 11, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

Is Your Website A Bully or User Friendly?


Have you heard the phrase “You catch more bees with honey“? The same is true with user-friendly websites and sales leads.

A user-friendly website should allow your visitors to easily navigate through your website and guide them to their next step without having to seek out contact information, how to buy, more information, Request a Quote and other pertinent information. If your website visitor is digging for information simply to contact your company they will get frustrated and leave your website. After researching hundreds of B2B high-tech company websites, I was inspired to write this blog post, to assist these companies in improving their website visitor’s experience. Boost Sales Leads

The vast majority of high-tech company websites were missing the following;

  1. The Call To Action
  2. User Friendliness


These two missing components result in decreased visitor interaction and loss of sales leads.

How do you know if your website is user-friendly?

The quickest and easiest way to find out is by having a fresh eye from a third party. You may ask a colleague, friend, spouse or someone who has not visited your website previously to test it out. Have the tester complete specific tasks such as; find specific items, find the call to action on the product page, request a quote for a specific product and/or service, contact us, navigate using the menu bar, click the browser’s back, forward and refresh buttons, or more specific tasks to your companies call to action and website.

You may be asking yourself; click the browser’s back button …”Why?” The “Back” button is the second most used browser control feature after hyperlinks. It is extremely bothersome to website visitors when a session is lost due to highly utilized browser control features. Having a website not compatible with native browser controls may cost you sales leads. Let’s continue…

Pop Quiz

Once your tester has completed or attempted to complete the actions have them complete a questionnaire similar to the following;

  1. What is your first impression of the home page?
  2. What is the website about?
  3. What type of service and/or products is offered?
  4. Did the browser buttons work correctly with no side effects?
  5. What was the easiest task you completed? Why?
  6. What was the hardest task? Why?
  7. Was their any other website features you found bothersome or helpful?


On a scale from 1-5, 1 being easiest and 5 being very difficult how would you rank the following;

  1. How easy was it to find the specified product and/or service?
  2. How easy was it to request further information about the specific item?
  3. Was the menu bar easy to use?
  4. How easy was it to find the contact information?
  5. How easy was it to navigate through the website?


The Results Are In

By reviewing the answers to the given questions you may find your website is not user-friendly, does not clarify what it is you are offering, or is lacking a call to action on your product page. Learn from the questionnaire and improve your website accordingly then have your tester revisit your website and retest plus add an additional participant for a second set eyes.

Having a user-friendly website and appropriate call to action may increase sales leads as much as 80%. Taking the above action may increase the response from website visitors and boost sales leads.

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