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EchoQuote Overview

Generate high-quality B2B leads from your current website traffic

customers_dollar_groups EchoQuote™ Captures Serious Prostects

Capture More Sales Qualified Leads
Serious prospects may be on your website or reading your email right now. Will you capture them or lose them to the competition? What can you offer that will compel them to engage?


LeadLifter’s ‘Request a Quote’ tool (EchoQuote™) is simple to add to your existing marketing channels (website, blog, email). Just add a link and EchoQuote™ immediately begins capturing serious leads without publishing or losing control of your pricing.

I’ve never seen a sales team more excited about a lead generation program. It really works!
S. Worthington
Director of Marketing, Coraid
“The most important benefit provided by EchoQuote is that it generates authentic, quality sales leads … the next most important benefit is its usefulness in our marketing budget and justification planning”
N. Ekker
VP Marketing, TMS