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February 1, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

How Do You Search? Analyze to Enhance Your B2B Lead Generation Strategy


The most obvious b2b lead generation tool is how you search for products, services or simply an answer to your question.

B2B Lead Generation for Complex SalesWhat is your search tactic? Where do you search? How do you search with keywords? Are they long or short keywords? Such as; ‘Lead Generation’ or ‘B2B Lead Generation for Complex Sales Leads’. By analyzing your searching methods, within your home and work life, it may assist you in discovering how your customers search for your products. Thus allowing you to optimize your website and it’s keywords appropriately for landing pages to capture more website visitors.

Common Search Tactics;

  • By keywords only or question
  • By location ex; ‘Marketing Frederick, MD’
  • Product or service name; ‘EchoQuote’
  • Phone number, address, email address; ‘1- 855-593-LIFT’
  • By company; ‘LeadLifter
  • By product name and Sku #
  • Product name and pricing; ‘EchoQuote Pricing’


Where do you look?

  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, alternate search engines
  • Classifieds such as; CraigsList, eBay classifieds, or other
  • Social Networks; LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, Focus, Google+
  • Directories
  • RSS Feeds or Google Alerts by keyword
  • Forums


Once you land on the website analyze the landing pages’ layout and content. What do you like about the landing pages? What is missing on the landing pages? Is their a call to action? Is the call to action prominent? How do you search for the products or services? Is it through a search box, the menu bar or both? Is there anything about the website that irritates you? Is the pricing, request a quote or self-service quote button easily found on the product page? Is the website user-friendly? Why? Writing down the answers to these questions may help you view your website through your customers eyes.

By discovering your search tactics you may decide to add the following for your b2b lead generation strategy;

  • Post blogs or landing pages with similar search related keywords
  • Add a ‘Pricing’ tab on the main menu
  • Add pricing or a Request for Quote button on the product page
  • Add a Call to Action on your blog; 80% of new website visitors land on the blog. With a Call to Action on the blog, our clients have seen 60% of those new visitors request a quote with the self-service quote button.
  • Add a search box to your website and/or blog
  • Advertise on LinkedIN or FaceBook
  • Comment on blogs and/or forum topics relating to your company or product


By analyzing your search strategies, you will see how to better leverage your call to action and b2b lead generation tactics for your business more efficiently

There are many different ways of searching for something you seek so how do you search?