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Case Study – Technology Company Boosts Leads 900%
(2 minute video)
Convert More Leads Risk Free

Copy and Paste is all it takes to
start testing our ‘Request a Quote’ tool
on your blog or website.

You Don’t Need More Traffic … You Need Quality Leads!

Empower your B2B visitors to easily ‘Request a Quote’ and Capture Better Leads
EchoQuote™ is our ‘Request a Quote’ lead conversion tool used by dozens of B2B technology companies that plugs seamlessly into your existing blog and website. Using the power of ‘Request a Quote’ (the strongest Call-To-Action on the planet according to MarketingSherpa), EchoQuote™ captures high-quality leads for your sales team and channel partners without publishing or displaying your pricing.

If you are a B2B marketer tasked with capturing better leads for your organization, EchoQuote™ could be your secret weapon this year. Using our TwinFunnel™ approach, you’ll build both your marketing-qualified and sales-qualified lead funnels at the same time.

Partial List of EchoQuote™ Features

  • Visitor Email filtering to reduce junk requests
  • Visitor ID by Company, Country and State
  • Mobile integration for On-The-Go Sales teams
  • Integration with sales and marketing systems
  • Alerts for visitor activity
  • Full reporting and marketing justification

The Real Value of EchoQuote™

  • Creates a steady stream of high-quality sales leads
  • Aligns and ties in Sales to foster lead ownership
  • Eliminates “these leads are no good” complaints
  • Drives direct and channel partner revenue
  • Helps win more deals with less discounting
  • Helps beat the competition by finding their deals

We're successfully engaging close to 50% of the leads that come in...we've been nothing but happy with it.
J. Turnbull
President, Thunderstone
I’ve never seen a sales team more excited about a lead generation program. It really works!
S. Worthington
Director of Marketing, Coraid