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Federal Appliance Results

Federal Appliance results capturing Dell EqualLogic and Compellent using EchoQuote™



  • Customer: Federal Appliance (Dell VAR)
  • Campaign Setup Time: Two (2) Days
  • Industry: Technology
  • Products: Enterprise Storage Systems
  • Average Monthly Leads: 100+
  • Average Monthly Lead Value: $5 Million+
  • Product Price Range: $15,000 to $100,000+
Dell VAR Website using EchoQuote™ (2-minute video)


Business Challenge

Federal Appliance (FedApp) started as an EqualLogic Value Added Reseller in 2006. In 2007, FedApp began using the EchoQuote™ tool to capture early stage leads that were searching for pricing. Within 6 months, FedApp was in the top 5% of EqualLogic partners.

Business Capture Strategy

FedApp was 100% inbound from native Google searches for terms like “Equallogic pricing” and “Compellent pricing”. Using a highly optimized SEO micro site, FedApp was able to attract and convert potential customers using the EchoQuote call-to-action.


Microsite landing page(s)

StoragePricing.Org was set up as the primary landing site for enterprise storage buyers. It includes various articles about cost and pricing that drives inbound traffic.

Here is the main StoragePricing.Org page:


Here is the section that launches the EchoQuote tool:


This is the initial EchoQuote screen that starts the Quote request process:



  • 1,000 Marketing Qualified leads were captured from inbound traffic in 8 months
  • The captured leads were converting to Sales Qualified Leads (funnel) 20% of the time


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