An Easy Lead Conversion Tool for Your Website

What’s the #1 thing serious B2B buyers want to know early in the sales cycle, but can’t get easily? The “price“.


Don’t give pricing away – capture leads with it!


EchoQuote captures more leads from your existing web traffic by compelling visitors to request a self-service budgetary quote for your products and services without publishing prices or compromising the sales process.

EchoQuote Implementation

B2B Lead Generation as Easy as 1-1-1

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Frequently Asked Questions

“What if we don’t want to publish our pricing?”

EchoQuote never displays or sends pricing without your approval – you stay in total control. There are numerous ways to designate who can request and/or receive a quote.

“Our products are complex. Will it work for us?”

Absolutely. Most of our clients sell complex or custom products and services. EchoQuote provides ballpark, not final, pricing and is used to open the door to a sales conversation.

“How do we keep our pricing away from competitors?”

EchoQuote can reject competitive or anonymous email addresses and you may even require that all requests be approved by the sales/marketing department before they are sent.

  • We’re successfully engaging close to 50% of the EchoQuote leads that come in…we’ve been nothing but happy with it.

    J. Turnbull
    J. Turnbull President, Thunderstone Software

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