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How EchoQuote™ Gets Your Sales Team In FIRST

Give Your Sales Team the Edge to Win

Are You Losing Good Leads On Your Website?
You’ve spent time and money attracting good leads and they may be closer than you think. In fact, high-quality leads may be on your website right this minute.

Will you capture them or lose them to the competition?

What can you offer that will compel them to take action?

What Do Serious Prospects Really Want?
Answer: Budgetary Pricing
When do they want it?
Answer: FIRST – Before Researching

According to a Marketing Sherpa survey, early stage buyers want budgetary pricing before they will seriously research or consider a product.

This is where EchoQuote™ comes in.


Don’t Give Pricing Away – Be Smart About It
Serious buyers want budgetary pricing before talking with sales but most companies don’t want to give any pricing until they’ve talked with the prospect – the company loses.

EchoQuote™ gives your prospects an easy way to request ballpark pricing early in their project giving your sales team the advantage of being first to engage.

EchoQuote™ Acts As The Go-Between
EchoQuote™ also protects you, the vendor, because all requests can be passed immediately to the sales or marketing team for approval.

No pricing is ever displayed or published without your consent.

If approved by a sales team member (or if you have the auto-approve feature enabled), the budgetary estimate is immediately sent from EchoQuote™ to the prospect in seconds. Leads can then be pushed into the Marketing Automation system for nurturing.

A New Sales Conversation Begins
It’s amazing how warm and receptive prospects are once they’ve received a budgetary quote from the EchoQuote™ system.

It’s about trust.

Delivering the quote as promised establishes trust that gives your sales representative an edge. With a simple follow-up email, your representative can confirm receipt of the quote and start uncovering the prospect’s requirements.

Better Leads – More Sales – EchoQuote
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I’ve never seen a sales team more excited about a lead generation program. It really works!
S. Worthington
Director of Marketing, Coraid
“The most important benefit provided by EchoQuote is that it generates authentic, quality sales leads … the next most important benefit is its usefulness in our marketing budget and justification planning”
N. Ekker
VP Marketing, TMS