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Douglas Machines

A machinery manufacturer boosts website lead generation adding a simple call-to-action

How Douglas Machines doubled their website lead generation results with EchoQuote™



  • Customer: Douglas Machines, Clearwater, FL
  • Campaign Setup Time: Two (2) Days
  • Industry: Industrial Manufacturing
  • Products: Commercial Washing Equipment
  • Average Monthly Leads: 50+
  • Average Monthly Lead Value: $3 Million+
  • Product Price Range: $10,000 to $100,000+
Douglas Machines Website using EchoQuote™ (2-minute video)


Business Focus

ld6ptDouglas Machines Corp. (Dougmac) offers a full line of commercial and industrial washers for all containers commonly used in the bakery, meat, poultry, food processing, packaging and distribution industries.

More than 80 standard commercial and industrial washing machines exist to quickly and efficiently clean pans, trays, totes, moulds, scale parts, screens, pallets, lugs, racks, barrels, smoke trucks, bins, vats, barrels and buckets.

Business Customer Capture Strategy

Douglas Machines uses a traditional combination of marketing processes like advertising, trade shows and their website to find new customers. Although Dougmac sells through a network of dealers and partners, their goal was to augment lead generation at the corporate level and disburse those leads worldwide. Our strategy was to use the need for budgetary pricing to capture early stage prospects from the dougmac.com website.


Using Budget Curiosity to Engage Early and Drive Demos

sherpa_slide2_websiteCustomers typically begin planning equipment projects months in advance. One key element of planning is gathering ballpark budgetary information (not specific pricing) as early as possible. Unfortunately, many prospects do their own research instead of contacting a company’s sales team.

In fact, according to the Marketing Sherpa B2B Buyer Study, serious prospects deem Budgetary Pricing as the #1 piece of information they need early in the planning process but can rarely find on their own. They resist contacting a sales person because they are not ready to buy.

Finding and Engaging Prospects Without Giving Away Pricing

Douglas Machines is very strict about disclosing their pricing for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, dealer/partner relationships, different sales channels, geographical location, named accounts, volume discounts, etc.

To ensure pricing control, Douglas Machines configured EchoQuote™ in the “Approval Required” mode which meant the system would operate as a “middleman” for inbound quote requests. In this mode, the customer can self-generate their own quote but pricing is only delivered by email once a sales person approves the request. Think of it as a “shopping cart with no pricing”. This gives the customer the feeling of self-service pricing but keeps Douglas Machines’ reps in control.


Since responding to the prospect’s request quickly is of the utmost importance, EchoQuote™ was configured to route all incoming requests to Douglas Machines’ inside sales team.

If the requester checked out, a no-obligation, budgetary estimate (no firmed fixed pricing) was sent building trust with the potential customer. The estimate and email were carefully designed (our secret sauce) to ensure it could not cause any conflict with existing deals and/or partner relationships. The sales team would be notified and would follow-up immediately to open the discussion, qualify the prospect further and schedule a demo.



Approximately one month before the initial company launch, LeadLifter personnel consulted with Douglas Machine’s marketing and sales teams. LeadLifter personnel then:

  • Setup and configured the EchoQuote™ tool based on the current product set (approx. 1 day)
  • Provided a mock-up of recommended website enhancements (see below) to launch the EchoQuote™ tool
  • Coordinated with the VP of Marketing to design the lead flow (1 hour)


Website enhancements

There were only 3 basic website enhancements made to dougmac.com. The first was the creation of a “Pricing” page to launch the EchoQuote system. The recommended strategy was to provide both a Self-Service option (via EchoQuote™) and a Full-Service Contact Sales option. This dual-offer method has been proven to maximize conversion efficiency.


New Pricing Page

Here is the Pricing Page mock-up for Douglas Machines. Note how the language encourages and compels the end-user to select at least one of the engagement options.



Feeder Links Driving Traffic to the Pricing Page

The second enhancement was to create “Feeder” links throughout the website to drive interested prospects to the Pricng page. Note in the following picture the Pricing tab in the upper part of the screen. This was a sticky link that showed on every page and linked directly to the Pricing page.


The choice of just using the word Pricing (versus many variations like “Request Pricing”, “Request a Quote”, etc) was because the single word is a much stronger call-to-action. It compels visitors to go to the Pricing page to see what is there.

In addition to the Home page, each product page also had one or more links to the Pricing page to drive additional requests.


Lead Count Results

The EchoQuote™ lead count results are as follows:

  • Average Monthly Leads: 50+
  • Average Monthly Lead Value: $3 Million+
  • Product Price Range: $10,000 to $100,000+


Douglas Machines is a thriving manufacturer that serves a traditional market in new ways. By embracing modern internet marketing tactics like EchoQuote™ for lead generation, Douglas Machines continues to gain new customers.