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September 27, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

Do Your B2B Offers Make The Grade? Get Your Score Now!


Presenting OfferGrader

Are you losing sales leads because your website offers aren’t strong enough? Run OfferGrader and compare your grade against your industry.

OfferGrader™ is a free service built by LeadLifter™ to help B2B companies improve lead conversions on their websites.

Built for B2B companies, OfferGrader™ helps you measure the power of the offers on your website compared to others in your industry. There is nothing to buy or commit too, run the tool as many times as you like. If you like it, please share it with others!

OfferGrader.com | B2B CTA Grade Free

How OfferGrader was Born

We’ve been searching for a tool that would help our B2B clients gauge the strength of the call-to-action offers they provide on their websites to assist with b2b lead generation. It seems everyone pulls from the same basic offer set including whitepaper downloads, webinars, newsletters and free trials. But how strong are they and what other lesser known options are out there?

In our search for a tool we turned up empty, so we decided to create one ourselves. It’s called OfferGrader™ and it is in it’s infancy right now. The idea behind it is to not only provide an “Offer Grade” and compare it to others in the same industry, but to include advice from well-known B2B experts. We have a half-dozen or so in the fold but are always looking for more contributors.

Check out the Affiliates area if you are interested in offering OfferGrader on your website for Free. To participate as an Expert contact us.


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