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June 30, 2013   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Webinar with Andy Paul: Selling with Maximum Impact in the Least Time



LeadLifter is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar with Andy Paul from Zero-Time Selling.


Dates Available:

July 10th, 2013 at 4:00 – 4:45 pm est.

August 14th, at 4:00 – 4:45 pm est.

Andy Paul

Andy Paul

For those who may not know who Andy Paul is …  Andy Paul spent 20+ years as a VP of Sales and sales manager in a range of established and start-up technology companies in Silicon Valley and Southern California. Andy knows first-hand how to rapidly establish a market presence and sales momentum for new products.


He has extensive sales experience with nearly every type of customer situation and sales channel that exists both in the US and abroad, having been responsible for the sales of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products and services in nearly every corner of the globe. Andy has sold B2B and B2C; he has worked in retail and sold to retail; he has sold large, complex multi-million dollar communications systems; he has built and managed sales channels of distributors, VARs, OEMs and dealers.


Since 2000 he has been a highly regarded sales advisor and executive sales coach, working as an advisor to the CEOs of dozens of companies on projects to improve sales process, performance, and productivity. Andy is a frequently sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator.


Andy will be sharing his knowledge in the upcoming webinar: Selling with Maximum Impact in the Least Time


This complimentary webinar will focus on 2 key areas to instantly improve sales effectiveness:

  1. Learn 3 killer discovery questions to uncover your prospects’ true pain points.
  2. Learn how to use time as a secret weapon to influence and shape the buyer’s decisions.


The webinar will be followed by a Q&A segment.


Don’t miss out! Register Now!

Limited seats so reserve your’s today!


For More Information or Andy Paul’s Testimonials visit our Events page.


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