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October 27, 2013   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Webinar: “Rise of the Revenue Marketer®” with Debbie Qaqish



LeadLifter is pleased to announce our upcoming webinar “Rise of the Revenue Marketer® – How to Transform Marketing from a Cost Center to a Profit Center” with Debbie Qaqish from The Pedowitz Group


  • Webinar Date: November 5th 2013 at 12:00 PM EST.
Debbie Qaqish

Debbie Qaqish


For those who may not be familiar with Debbie Qaqish … Debbie was named one of the Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management for the last two years, as well as one of the Top 20 Women to Watch. She coined the term Revenue Marketer® in 2010.

Debbie is working on her Ph.D. and publishing her first book, “The Rise of the Revenue Marketer” this Fall. Debbie is a frequent contributor to publication like BtoB Magazine, CMO.com and DM Confidential — Sales and Marketing Management Magazine tapped her to write the Jan/Feb Cover story on Marketing Automation. Debbie Qaqish is Principal Partner and Chief Strategy Officer for The Pedowitz Group, an award-winning Revenue Marketing™ agency.

A nationally recognized thought leader, Qaqish has more than 30 years of experience helping organizations connect marketing to revenue. She is a pioneer in marketing automation – first as a beneficiary of the technology and now as an advocate and expert.


Overview of  the webinar: “Rise of the Revenue Marketer® – How to Transform Marketing from a Cost Center to a Profit Center”

Debbie Qaqish will explain how Revenue Marketers are making a huge impact on revenue while advancing themselves professionally within their organizations.  This bold movement towards Revenue Marketing™ has become a top priority in today’s corporate world and was the catalyst for Qaqish’s new book “Rise of the Revenue Marketer: An Executive Playbook”.

FACT:  marketing automation vendors train end users on how to use the software, but no one is teaching the marketing executive how to deal with the organizational changes associated with transitioning from traditional marketer to revenue marketer, until now.  Debbie’s book fills this gap by  helping CMOs understand how to overcome the challenges and successfully lead change.

Thanks to software like marketing automation and analytics, companies can measure the impact of marketing on revenue generation.  Marketing’s ability to create predictable, repeatable and sustainable streams of revenue is an enormous leap forward.  While software is fundamental to this process, there’s a huge hurdle that must be overcome after marketing automation is implemented. That hurdle is change.

Debbie’s  presentation is based on the insights gained during her successful executive sales and marketing  career and the process of writing of her book, which offers a fresh, peer-based perspective on the CMO’s New Role as Change Agent as the organization transitions from being a cost center to a revenue center.  Based on interviews with 22 executive marketers from companies like GE, Citrix, Sage, IronMountain, etc., Debbie’s book chronicles the trials and triumphs of these 22 professionals as they advance in their Revenue Marketing Journey.


This insightful webinar will cover:

  1. Why now is the Age of Revenue Marketing™ (RM) and how to begin the journey
  2. The 6 controls needed to stay on course
  3. How to build a Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence
  4. How to align and lead revenue and sales
  5. How to report and forecast metrics that matter
  6. The role of technology in RM success
  7. Global transformation
  8. How to sell the vision


* Followed by a Questions and Answers segment.

TAKEAWAYS: A special gift to assist you in rising to the challenge of becoming a revenue marketer.


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