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September 27, 2011   Posted by: Dale Underwood

B2B Social Media Presence in 30 Days: Week 1


We’re starting a new company from scratch (it is actually a re-branding of a company that has a successful 5-year history) and are going to document over the next 30-45 days all of the marketing and social media activities we perform.

Want to come along for the ride?

First, we need you to follow Leadlifter on twitter because that is where we are going to post subsequent weekly updates for this social media “diary”.

For any marketing related activity, you need a goal.  Ours was simple; pull 10,000 new, unique visitors to the LeadLifter website in 60 days.

Our first task was to come up with a new company name. We, like many companies, have evolved into a broader company but still maintained the name of our original software tool.  Over time the tool name (EchoQuote, which is appropriate for our customer’s customers) began to cause us issues because it did not resonate with our target clients –  B2B Technology Marketers.

The new name itself, LeadLifter, was actually conceived and adopted via a LinkedIn Discussion Group.  This is truly an example of using social media to start and build a new company presence.

The 4-Week Social Media Presence Plan

Once “LeadLifter” was chosen, we turned our focus on how to blast onto the social media scene with this new brand.  A bit of planning was in order and we came up with the following:

Week 1
Establish a Marketing Protocol (MP) document to glue all of our public messaging around our core theme
Establish a virtual “person” that would represent our company’s social media team in a cohesive manner

Week 2
Setup all of the major social media channels using our virtual person and marketing protocol document

Week 3
Accelerate our visibility by establishing many two-way connections on twitter, facebook, linkedin et al

Week 4
Drive increased following by increasing content delivered via all channels

Simple Enough, eh?  Let’s get started!

Week 1 – Establish a Marketing Protocol document

Before blasting ahead with our social media frenzy, we need to be rooted in some core concepts. During week 1 we hired Michael Sparks of Inspire Communication to help us define our core marketing messaging using his Information Design methods.  He was fantastic!

Here’s what we came up with and formalized in our Marketing Protocol document:

Company Name (via Linkedin discussion): LeadLifter
Tagline: “Maximize Marketing.  Boost Sales.”

What LeadLifter Does

LeadLifter™ maximizes your marketing efforts and supplies your sales team with quality
leads, fast.

Key concepts:

• Maximize marketing
• Boost sales

Our solutions maximize your marketing teamʼs efforts and supply your sales team  with quality leads, fast. We do this by helping B2B marketers capture more high-quality leads from their existing websites quickly and inexpensively. We then help deliver those leads directly to the sales team for quick response, shortening the sales cycle and increasing sales.

What Makes LeadLifter Unique

LeadLifter™ is designed so you see immediate and measurable results from your
marketing efforts.

Key concepts:

• Immediate results
• Measurable results

LeadLifter™ is designed for companies that want to see immediate and measurable results from their marketing efforts. Unlike other marketing agencies and services that can take months to deliver mediocre results, our tools and services are tactical and measurable. Many of our clients see an increase in measurable sales funnel activity from day one.  LeadLifter™ solutions fit seamlessly into your existing marketing efforts enabling you to maintain and optimize your marketing edge. LeadLifter™ solutions deliver leads, with a quality and speed, that will amaze your sales team.

Measurement for the CEO

LeadLifter™ provides measurability that executives demand.

Key concepts:

• Measurable results

LeadLifter™ solutions provide the measurability that executives demand, to support the value of their marketing efforts. No other solution has a higher Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI) leading to a high Return On Investment (ROI), and the results are supported with real-world numbers!

Who We Help

LeadLifter™ specializes in helping small to medium sized technology companies with
fast growth expectations.

Key concepts:

• Small to medium Sized
• Technology companies
• Professional sales team
• Fast growth expectations

We specialize in helping small to medium sized technology companies with fast growth expectations. Our clients sell complex products and/or services that require professional “sales to end-user” interaction to close. Our typical client has between 20 and 500 employees with annual revenue between $5 Million and $200 Million. Contact us to learn more and see if we can help your marketing fill your sales funnel!

Who We Are

A team of B2B professionals experienced in marketing and selling complex, hightechnology
products and services.

Key concepts:

• Sales, Marketing and IT professionals
• Experienced in high-tech B2B and government
• Shorten sales cycles
• Improve margins

We are a team of B2B Sales, Marketing and Information Technology (IT)  professionals experienced in what it takes to market and sell complex, high-technology solutions to commercial and Government organizations. We develop LeadLifter™ solutions to help technology companies maximize their marketing, shorten their sales cycles and improve their margins.

About Us

LeadLifter™ helps companies in their marketing and sales efforts by converting website
traffic into high-quality leads.

Key concepts:

• Revolutionizing marketing
• Boosting sales
• Converting web traffic to sales
• Tailored solution
• Measurable results

LeadLifter™ is revolutionizing how companies maximize their marketing efforts and boost their sales. LeadLifter™ helps companies in their marketing and sales efforts by converting website traffic into high-quality leads. We combine software, marketing and sales best practices, and our own secret sauce to typically generate double-digit conversion rates for our clients.

We know that every company is unique. Thatʼs why we take the time to get to know our clients, their business, and their target audience. The result: A tailored solution that produces measurable results!

LeadLifter™ (as EchoQuote™) was founded in 2007 after realizing two very important voids in the market:

• There were no effective inbound lead generation tools on the market for B2B
businesses with professional sales teams

• Most companies were producing only negligible ROI from their online marketing
efforts, an average of 4% conversion rate, missing opportunities!

Since then, LeadLifter™ has created multiple lead generation solutions and helped organizations of all sizes turn their websites into conversion machines!


Week 1 (continued) – Establish a virtual representative for our social media team

With the Marketing Protocol in place, it was time to begin setting up the social media channels.  We had the right messaging for the required areas but there was a problem.  How could we be consistent with a standard login/password across all our channels over an extended period of time.  You’ve got to plan on the mobility of today’s associates that may join or leave your social media team.  If you use an individual’s name for all of your channel setup(s)  you may find yourself lost if that person leaves.

So, we came up with “Max“.  Max was derived from our tagline Maximize Marketing but interestingly enough the name could be interpreted as a “person”.  We wanted that personal connection and Max has a nice ring to it.  We created an email address for Max at LeadLifter.com and added email aliases for our social media team members so we could all cover each other.

The stage was set to begin our social media channel setup.  We had our Market messaging standardized and our universal “max” signon ready to go.

Next week we will explain how we setup our channels, hope you can join us!

If you haven’t done so already, we need you to follow Leadlifter on twitter because that is where we are going to post subsequent weekly updates for this social media “diary”.


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