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May 18, 2013   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Marketing Benchmark Report: An Insight Into Conversion Rates


Optify’s 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report analyzes engagement and conversion rates from traffic referred by marketing sources such as: organic search results, paid search campaigns, email marketing, social media; Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook. Below are just a few highlights from the B2B marketing report.


Search Engines and Organic Search Results:

Organic search remains to be the #1 driver with 41% referral traffic for B2B websites from Google, Bing and other search engines. Google however takes the lead by referring an average of 88% of that traffic. Bing and other search engines tie-in at around 6%. From the 41% of organic search results 1.45% is the conversion rate average. It may not sound too promising but it is still one of the top sources for B2B companies which accounts for 26.50% of total leads.


Social Media:

Twitter exceeds FaceBook and LinkedIn by generating leads 9 to 1, taking 82% of the pie. FaceBook generates a larger percentage of website visits while LinkedIn displays higher engagement rates with page views. Social media as a whole contributes on average 1.90% of all traffic with a conversion rate of 1.22%. Leads captured from social media averaged 4.75% of total leads.


Email Marketing:

Email shows high engagement rates with an average of 3.75 page views per visit with an average lead conversion rate of 2.89%. This percentage is slowly increasing as B2B marketers perfect the lead nurturing process. Email marketing delivers a small fraction of website traffic at .80%. Email marketing converted on average 9.00% of total leads. Email marketing is just one of many tactics favored by B2B marketers and is essential to lead nurturing.


Paid Search Campaigns:

Paid search campaigns contributed, on average, 4.70% traffic for B2B companies with a conversion rate of 1.96%. As a lead source, paid search campaigns averaged 10.50% of total leads captured. In 2012, over 10% of B2B companies dropped their paid search campaigns and for those who remained active saw higher web traffic and above average conversion rates.


B2B Peak Seasons:

In 2012, the first quarter (January – March) and from September to mid-November showed the most activity with regards to website traffic while summer and the end of the year displays slower traffic trends.


So, what have we learned from these stats?

  1. Quality Content is King for boosting organic search results. My advice … keep feeding the spiders.
  2. Stay active with email marketing and paid search campaigns due to them contributing proportionally more leads than their traffic share.
  3. Keep Tweeting! Don’t overlook Twitter as a B2B marketing tool.
  4. Plan ahead for the peak seasons.


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