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May 10, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Lead Generation Tips Part 11: Social Networks


Social Networks are just one piece of the B2B lead generation pie utilized by many B2B companies and have proven to increase brand awareness over the world wide web for many. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn is highly utilized in connecting with other business minded individuals and target companies.

Top Social Networks Utilized by B2B Companies:


There are thousands of social networks on the web to date. But they do not offer the same online exposure as the above social networks. When updating statuses, posts, videos in conjunction with keywords they may be indexed by Google giving your website further exposure and visitors.

Some of the following tips may be obvious but in my line of work you wouldn’t believe how something’s are not so obvious to others so I am covering all the bases.

LeadLifter Twitter Profile

Add keywords to your Twitter profile to target those keywords in Google.


Tips for Making the Most Out of Social Networks:

  • Create Business page on LinkedIn, FanPage on FaceBook, Channel on YouTube and Twitter page for your company and be sure to add your company/product information and your website address starting with http:// to activate the hyperlink such as: http://www.LeadLifter.com
  • When tweeting on Twitter be sure to use keywords and popular related #hashtags. You may search hashtags within Twitter or you may visit: http://www.Hashtags.org Create a hashtag cheat sheet for future use and convenience. Example hashtags: #b2b #tech #sales. Using hashtags and keywords will assist in ranking your Twitter profile update on Google.
  • LinkedIn is another great network to get ranked on Google for keywords and a wonderful B2B lead generation tool. Begin by joining industry related public groups and post links to articles or resources that other group members may find useful. By doing so you may be contacted by potential customers plus Google indexes public groups. Get involved in Q&A (Questions and Answers) section by posting questions and answering questions related to your industry, product and services.  The Q&A section is quickly ranked by Google giving you further exposure.
  • Face it; everyone uses FaceBook personally including B2B executives, CEOs, CMOs, etc. FaceBook enables you to be found, followed via a ‘Like’ and connectable on a personal level via your FanPage.
  • Place all social network buttons on your website and blog to encourage visitors to connect with you across the web.


To assist in building an audience on your social networks you may offer:

  • Discounts
  • Special offers
  • Contests
  • Follow industry leaders


Resources for Managing Social Networks:


Stay tuned for the next installment of this B2B Lead Generation Tips series:  Syndication. In this installment I will walk you through how to syndicate your content over the web for maximum exposure and ease of use. Included will be a social media mine map to enable you to connect the majority of all social networks to create a dominoes effect.


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