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March 25, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Lead Generation Tactics Part 5: Webinars


Webinars also known as Web Seminars are widely used as a B2B lead generation tool throughout the business world. Webinars are especially valuable for B2B companies offering complex products that are facing a complex sales cycle. By utilizing webinars for complex products it enables the presenter to educate attendees on how their product or service may benefit them. As the term Web Seminar implies an educational seminar so should your webinar be. Present value to your webinar and your attendee will return for more.

Here are 10 tips for creating webinars and engaging your audience;

1. Ask Yourself: What information does my prospects want? What keeps them up at night? What is the problem they are seeking to resolve?

2. Create a Compelling Title

3. Create a Storyboard with Your Key Points. Begin mapping your foundation prior to creating slides.

4. Slides Should Be Compelling: Unlike a face to face meeting, a webinar’s slides will assist in capturing your audience. Telling your story extends into the slides you create. Be sure to:

  • Present One Idea Per Slide.
  • Do Not Overcrowd Slides. Avoid small text that’s hard to read, utilize a font size of 32 point or larger for maximum legibility.
  • Obtain Original and Unique Images. Avoid using stock photos as they detract from your webinar as everyone is utilizing these photos … be unique and set yourself apart from other B2B companies. A starting point is searching Flickr.com within the creative commons license which allows use with proper attribution to the creator.


Webinar Slides for B2B Lead Generation Tool

Example Slide for Webinars


5. Webinar Types For B2B Companies:

  • How-to webinars offering specific tactical information
  • Strategic webinars features a big name in a specific industry to offer insight.

6. Creating Webinar Registration Form, Do:

  • Keep it short
  • Consider making it a webinar series to capture more opt ins
  • Add a check box for opting in for future webinars and specials

7. Rehearse … Practice makes perfect!

8. Encourage your audience to interact by asking questions and having them respond via the webinar platform or alternatively through social channels such as Twitter using a short, creative, custom hashtag such as; #LLdemo or #LLwbnr. Insinuate the company, title and/or event in the hashtag.

9. Generate Feedback by directing your audience to a short, 5 question survey upon exiting the webinar. Encourage them to leave feedback throughout the webinar.

10. Record webinar and add to a Webinar Archive, YouTube, Podcast, etc.

B2B companies should strongly consider archiving webinars as it is beneficial as a B2B lead generation tactic. Many prospects may be seeking content on your product and if they are unable to attend your webinar or they come in after the fact they may still easily access your archived webinar to obtain the information they seek. Archived webinars are one of the top rated B2B lead generation tactics not to be overlooked.

Also consider adding your slides to SlideShare.com then adding the SlideShare presentation to your LinkedIn profile for further exposure. Good Luck!

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