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March 9, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Lead Generation Tactics Part 3: Price Papers


Placing B2B lead generation tactics and pricing within the same sentence tends to scare B2B marketers dealing with complex sales. Many B2B companies with-hold pricing information until later in the cycle but many B2B prospects are seeking budgetary pricing early in the sales cycle. What it truly boils down too … does it fit their budgetary pricing? When a prospect needs to meet a time crunch and a budget, they do not want to lose valuable time with a product that is possibly out of their league, price wise. Prospects are seeking budgetary pricing and they want it today.

According to a MarketingSherpa / Enquiro study of 1,000 B2B buyers, the #1 piece of information serious end-users are looking for early in the sales cycle, but can’t find on most websites, is Budgetary Information. First, potential business customers are looking for pricing on business websites, not to purchase, but to BUDGET. The following graph illustrates the point:


Pricing Wins
















This is where Price Papers enter the scene to better assist these prospects with a strong offer therefore enabling you to capture their contact information. For a B2B lead generation tactic, Price Papers have shown to outrank the effectiveness and value of White Papers. See graph below. As we all know and which has been well documented, white papers are one of the top B2B lead generation strategies utilized by B2B companies so imagine the value of a price paper or simply utilizing other budgetary strategies to enhance your B2B lead generation … invaluable.

B2B Lead Generation Tactic Effectiveness


Let’s Get Started! What Is A Price Paper?

A price paper is a document that helps prospective customers with budgetary information about complex products and services. Price papers assist prospects by peaking there curiosity and addressing their budgetary needs thus capturing contact information hence lead conversion.

Price papers will vary from company to company but they all share common traits. The primary information is specific pricing for products or services the company sells. The papers may only include a subset of all products and services available but there should be sufficient

What is included in a price paper?

Unlike white papers, price papers have a very specific purpose; provide a strong offer to encourage conversion while providing the prospect with useful, budgetary pricing .Price papers can be short, often on one or two pages. They may include a subset of the products and/or services a company provides along with some sample customer scenarios.

Next Step to Using Price Papers

Perhaps the most compelling reason to try using price papers is that the signup and delivery processes are already in place for companies that currently use white papers. B2B marketers need to simply create the paper, offer it on the website, and deliver it upon registration. No new processes are needed.


B2B marketers are always looking for strong offers to improve lead conversion efforts. In addition to white papers, marketers should consider using price papers to surface new prospects. Studies have shown that pricing is important to serious prospects early in the sales cycle when value propositions can have the biggest impact. Price papers exploit that need in a helpful way by providing needed information to prospective customers in exchange for their contact information.

Price Paper Sample

You will find a Price Paper Sample Here. Note there are 2 main sections; one that has basic pricing and the second which gives the potential customer a “plan” for their project. The plan is critical to begin influencing the decision criteria that will emerge further down the sales cycle path.

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