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June 6, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Lead Generation Tactics Part 13: Request for Quote Form Alternative


Request for Quote (RFQ) forms are highly utilized by B2B companies who face a complex sales cycle. Request for quote forms have been used for over a decade and have proven to be a must within the complex sales world. There is truly no need for an introduction for the RFQ form so we shall move on to the RFQ form alternative specifically designed for B2B complex sales.

Why Request for Quote forms Don’t Work?

  • Everyone has one
  • Companies rarely follow-up in a timely fashion
  • Customers avoid RFQ forms because they require too much information and do not know how their information will be used
  • Customers want ball park pricing information immediately to determine budgetary fit


The RFQ form alternative addresses the customer’s need for budgetary pricing which is the number one information sought after.

Pricing Wins

The RFQ form alternative is a self-service pricing tool, EchoQuote created by LeadLifter.

Do not let the statement of self-service scare you. You are in complete control of the entire system at all times and pricing is never displayed. LeadLifter has perfected the self-service pricing tool to address your customer’s need for budgetary pricing while enabling you to capture sales leads early in the sales cycle. This self-service quoting tool allows you to preload budgetary pricing and product information to allow you to quickly approve quote requests from inquiries captured from your website. Once approved the system sends the requestor the budgetary quote. Your next step would be to simply follow up within 20 minutes while the lead is still hot.

LeadLifter’s self-service pricing tool has proven to be invaluable to many B2B companies utilizing this RFQ alternative by boosting sales up to 300% from day one.  With a promise of a self-service pricing, website visitors seeking budgetary information are compelled to request self-service pricing therefore boosting and generating high quality sales leads for your sales team.

To request a self-service quote and experience a tour of LeadLifter’s solution click here.

Thank you for following this series: B2B Lead Generation Strategies for B2B Companies. Stay tuned for further marketing and lead generation ideas.


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