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April 20, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Lead Generation Strategies Part 9: Video Marketing


Video marketing is a wonderful b2b lead generation strategy especially when utilized with the top video websites and keywords. When keywords are paired with a video marketing strategy they may assist in pulling in sales leads by peaking the viewer’s curiosity and thus directing traffic to your website.

Here is a example of one of our video listings;

B2B Lead Generation for Complex Sales

Page 2 of Google for Keywords: B2B Complex Sales


Video marketing is very much like blogging, it should address your target audience’s needs. Video marketing may assist your target customer with a problem they are seeking to solve. If you are blogging, create videos based on your blog’s content.

To boost your visibility on YouTube and Google search results, be sure to;

  1. Titles based on user searches such as; ‘How to boost sales leads with video marketing
  2. Secondary option for titling your video is by starting with your desired keywords then a colon followed by a compelling statement such as; ‘B2B Lead Generation: Boost Sales 200% from Day One
  3. Description should begin with your website address followed by a keyword-rich description do not skimp on the details this will assist in broadening the search results outcome hence more views. To make the website address linkable be sure to add ‘http://’ prior to your website url. Such as; http://www.LeadLifter.com
  4. Tag your video with all relevant keywords
  5. Subscribe, friend, comment on target companies and/or related YouTube channels and videos for further exposure.
  6. Add Annotations to your YouTube videos. By adding annotations to your video you may create a hyperlink to another YouTube video, your YouTube channel, remind the viewer to subscribe to your channel. You may also make a note of other social networks which they may join you on. When utilizing annotations you may only direct viewers to other internal links within YouTube.
  7. YouTube’s Featured Video option, offer’s the ability to embed a video overlay which consists of an active website link within your video for your viewers to click and follow directly to your website. There is a fee for this option and it does help with growing your subscribers and views.
  8. Create a video library on your website. Post videos with titles to capture further exposure from Google.
  9. Submit videos to other top video websites.


When uploading videos to multiple video websites you may want to consider alternating the keywords in the titles to broaden your search results such as; ‘B2B Lead Generation: Boost Sales 200% from Day One!’ ‘B2B Sales Leads: Complex Sales Just Got Easier’, ‘B2B Lead Generation Strategy: Capture More Sales Leads from Your Website’. By initiating this tactic you maximize your video marketing efforts and gain further exposure based on each keyword for the same video through several video outlets which propagate to Google.

Top video marketing websites;

  • YouTube.com
  • MetaCafe.com
  • DailyMotion.com


Good Luck and Subscribe to Stay tuned for the next post in this B2B Lead Generation Strategy series Part 10: B2B Blogging.

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