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April 14, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Lead Generation Strategies Part 8: Podcasts


In this B2B lead generation marketing strategy segment we will cover Podcasts.

Podcasts are a series of audio files and snippets to deliver product information or in establishing yourself as a thought leader. Podcasts may be created and distributed through a wide array of online resources. Podcast are detrimental in today’s world of ipods, smart phones and other on the go audio devices. Hundreds of B2B companies utilize podcasts to target busy, on the move prospects. By initiating a podcast marketing strategy it allows prospects to easily download the podcasts and access them at a later time at their convenience.

Podcasts may be similar to a radio talk show which features two speakers in discussion over a product, how-to information, or prospects challenges. Many B2B marketers utilize podcasts to distribute product information which may consist of one presenter versus a radio talk show method. Creating audio clips may be easier than you think especially if you have a video marketing strategy in place. By having a video marketing strategy in place you may easily convert video files to audio files then simply upload to several of the top podcasting websites or RSS Feeds distribution, designed specifically for podcasts, for further online reach and exposure. YouTube now offers an option to download audio files from your uploaded videos.

Here are some top Podcasting directories;

  • iTunes
  • iPodder.org
  • PodcastAlley.com
  • BlogTalkRadio.com
  • DigitalPodcast.com
  • PodcastPickle.com
  • FeedShark.com


If you decide to utilize the radio talk show method your first step is to create topics and subcategories for the series. To assist in brain storming topics for how-to topics a good strategy is to research feedback, self-help topic forums, product reviews …resources directly related to your topics. By researching through forums, product reviews and so forth you will discover common problems or challenges your prospects face and easily integrate this into your podcasting series. Your second step is finding hosts who feel confident about the given topic and comfortable presenting the podcast.

Additional tips for maximizing your B2B marketing strategy with Podcasts;

  • Link to your Podcast channel
  • Via your B2B website give access to transcripts of podcasts and/or videos (Great for Search engine optimization)


Stay tuned for the next installment of this B2B lead generation series to maximize your B2B marketing strategy with video marketing.

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