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June 3, 2013   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Lead Generation: Mobile Marketing Hit or Miss Out


B2B lead generation initiatives have turned to mobile marketing which has been booming for some time now. 41% of all emails are being read from mobile devices plus 20% of all web traffic being generated are from mobiles. Mobile searches have grown 400% since 2010 so imagine it’s growth in the coming years. From this mobile web traffic, 15% can be found on social networking sites such as; Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn. To boot, 64% of decision makers check their email through their mobile device … just one more reason to go mobile.


Mobile users are funneled to the mobile web through various mobile apps and mobile resources.

Driver's to the mobile web.

Just a few driver's to the mobile web.


Mobile website visitors have one or two motives in mind when visiting;

  • Information on products, services or simply visiting a blog post.
  • Action orientated with an eye on requesting a quote, downloading content or obtaining contact information to contact directly.


Imagine you’re surfing the web on your mobile phone, tablet or other mobile device and you click a link within the search engine results only to be directed to a webpage that looks to be mangled, cluttered, overlapping, videos and/or images not loading and the result … you ‘X’ out and keep searching Google or another search engine. 71% of mobile users expect mobile websites to load just as quickly as desktop websites. If the mobile website takes over 5 seconds to load 74% of the users will abandon the site.


For B2B companies, it is imperative to have a mobile marketing plan in place with a mix of lead generation tactics incorporated for a overall positive experience for the mobile user.

A mobile marketing plan should consist of;

  1. Mobile Website: Be sure to offer similar content from desktop website. Visitors enjoy having the ability to access the majority of content similar to the desktop website. Be sure to have reasonable button sizes for the mobile user to easily tap buttons without. Do not put url links too closely together or they may tap the wrong one. The last two rules also apply for optimizing email marketing.
  2. Mobile Search Engine Optimization: Research mobile keywords based on brand, non-brand products or services. Google’s Adword Keyword Tool can help you discover mobile keywords by clicking ‘Advanced Options’ and select ‘All Mobile Devices’ to begin your search.
  3. Downloadable Content: Should be offered via a download link delivered to their email address. Many  white papers such as email download link.
  4. Avoiding Flash: Most mobile devices do not have flash capabilities so when web visitors visit the page loads extremely slow and to boot does not display the flash graphics.
  5. Analyzing the Speed of Mobile Website
  6. Mobile Optimized Emails
  7. Social Media: Content should direct users to a mobile optimized landing page or have an auto mobile detect script in place to auto direct them to the appropriate destination.
  8. Mobile App: Where appropriate.


Initiating a mobile marketing plan to boost B2B lead generation efforts is a must to assist in filling your sales funnel otherwise you are missing out on the 20% of mobile surfers and the 41% of mobile users utilizing email via their mobile devices. Plus with a 400% increase in mobile users within the past 3 years many speculate this will double or possibly triple in the coming 3 years. Planning ahead and getting the jump on mobile marketing before competitors will be a valuable marketing asset in the years to come. 61% of marketers feel that mobile marketing will be significant to future success. In all reality, mobile marketing will be the next big thing compared to the world wide web.


Many big companies did not believe the world wide web would amount to anything due to it’s complexity at the beginning but once browsers came into play it became user friendly followed by domain names to easily direct internet visitors to their destination. Many would not have believed it become a multi-billion dollar industry but yet here we are. Mobile marketing will be the next big thing similar to the ‘WWW’ it will boom just as fast, the stats above prove this is the case. So plan ahead!


Your customers are mobile. Are You?

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