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June 17, 2013   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Lead Generation: A/B Split Test Helps Increase Quote Requests 300%


Today let’s look at the results of an A/B split test for a B2B company offering high-end complex equipment.


Goal: To increase the number of inbound lead conversions using a Request a Quote method.

Primary Research Question: Which quote process will generate more total leads; standard quote request form or a self-service budgetary quote solution?

Approach: A/B split test



(Anonymized Sample)

A/B Control Contact Page




(Anonymized Sample)



The new page lead rate increased 300%.


Take a Deeper Look: Why does this work?

Many B2B website visitors stop in and want pricing but feel apprehensive about completing request for quote forms due to the ample amount of information being requested. They do not want to be contacted until they know the product is within their budget. Therefore requesting a self-service quote relieves the tension and compels them to take action now not later.

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