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December 6, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Calls to Action: The Do’s, The Don’ts and The What Were You Thinking? Pt. 2


A call to action is a message that encourages your website visitors to take immediate action thus converting them to leads.

Previously we discussed the Do’s of a B2B Call to Action, now we will tune in on the Don’ts and the What Were You Thinking?.Upon reviewing hundreds of B2B websites I discovered one common denominator as to why they may not be converting website visitors to leads. This flaw is a huge one but we will proceed with the don’ts of a B2B Call to Action and assist you in discovering why your B2B lead generation tactics may be failing upon entering your website.

B2B Call To Action: The Don’ts!

  • Small size icons which equals the following diameter: [  ]. This is a big no no. By doing so you are making your website visitors search for their next step. You want to make the next step easily seen and accessible.
  • One call to action at the very bottom of the product page. Not everyone scrolls to the very bottom of the page. Many visitors may be interested in specific features or capabilities. Having a button towards the top of the page, near the product picture, helps to push visitors in the appropriate direction such as; Contact Us, Request a Quote or Get a Self-Service Quote.
  • Product specifications in PDF for download is a great reference for B2B buyers but simply having the download is not enough. You must incorporate contact information.


Differentiating yourself from other companies is strongly suggested. Making a strong call to action by giving your website visitor the most sought after information can put you in a league of your own and place you above your competitors. The #1 piece of information serious B2B buyers look for is budgetary pricing as shown in MarketingSherpa’s case study.

Pricing Wins

B2B Call To Action: The What Were You Thinking!

  • No call to action on the product page.
  • Contact Us tab is hidden.


These two erroneous mistakes can cost a B2B company big. As previously stated, website visitors do not want to dig to find what they want. It boils down to having a user-friendly website. You would not give a pamphlet away to a potential buyer without your contact information boldly displayed on the cover so why should it differ for your website?

B2B lead generation is not just about marketing or the amount of website visitors you have but lead conversion. When they visit your website you want to roll out the red carpet and lead their way. So what were you thinking? Discover a new innovation and get more sales worthy leads tomorrow.

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