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August 7, 2012   Posted by: Britty Wagner

B2B Blog Increases Sales Leads an Additional 70% with LeadLifter!


LeadLifter’s self-service pricing tool has proven to be invaluable to many B2B companies by boosting leads up to 300% from day one.

Experiencing such an increase in leads who could imagine more?

Clients have reported that LeadLifter’s solution is capturing sales leads from their blogs with an additional 60-70% boost and some are reporting that they are capturing 60-70% of the total leads from their blog by simply placing LeadLifter’s EchoQuote self-service pricing button within the sidebar and a pricing link within the blog’s header (as seen here on our blog).

In the image below you will see a snippet of one of our client’s results, with their permission and anonymity. You can see that they have achieved greater results with their blog versus their corporate website while utilizing LeadLifter’s EchoQuote solution on both.

B2B Sales Leads Increase

I would highly recommend utilizing the self-service pricing button on your blog but keep in mind if you do not maintain the blog on a regular basis you will not have the same results which is based on your blog’s traffic volume. Nonetheless it is an excellent call-to-action for your blog and in assisting with pulling in more sales leads. When blogging I would suggest a minimum of one blog post a week, if possible two. The more the merrier.

We have found that many are interested in LeadLifter’s EchoQuote(TM) tool for boosting sales leads but are reluctant to place the button on the company website without seeing first hand the results. So we are suggesting an alternative for those seeking to evaluate LeadLifter without compromising your corporate website … place the self-service button on your corporate blog.

This enables you to see results prior to initiating website changes and/or approaching management about requesting changes which can be backed by statistics found in the backend office of EchoQuote(TM). See how LeadLifter works…





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