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January 27, 2015   Posted by: admin

6 Signs You May be Fighting Content Shock


I really like B2B Marketing, especially in the Technology and Manufacturing sector. It’s like a complicated puzzle that must be solved but, unlike a typical puzzle, the picture changes rapidly. Just when you get to the “easy pieces”, the scene goes from Country Serene to City Energy. It now feels like change cycle is increasing at an alarming rate. Just look at content marketing.

Content marketing has now grown to the point where some are coining the term “Content Shock” to describe the phenomenon where there is such an overload of information that no single prospect could consume it. It makes sense that people only have a slice of time to consume content and when that content volume exceeds their allotment, they ignore it.

Is your content informing prospects or engaging them?

In one of my LinkedIn groups on Technology Marketing I often hear advice on “good content” vs. “volume content”. It certainly makes sense that you should create content that resonates with your prospective customers but simply creating content that they want to read is not the goal. You must find ways to convert that interest into a hand raise; otherwise you are simply throwing bait in the water without using a hook to catch the fish.

Here’s a simple list of 6 signs that could indicate you’re battling content shock:

  • You understand that ALL of your future customers will research your company before engaging
  • You know that high value prospects are visiting your website(s) and receiving content
  • You feel good prospects are not responding to your whitepapers or other content
  • You are using lead nurturing and drip marketing to try and move leads down the buying path
  • You know that the pressure to “generate more leads” is increasing while prospects aren’t responding
  • You feel that the more content you create, the less prospects engage


If you can relate to the issues in that list then maybe it’s not your content. You are most likely already creating great content and attracting potential customers….they just aren’t responding.

One way to combat this is to examine what calls-to-action could cut through the content shock and accomplish the real goal: generating b2b leads that the sales team will love following up on.

In the next article, we’ll discuss a few key criteria that a call-to-action should contain to compel the anonymous visitor to engage.

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